Agratronix 01210, Portable Silage Moisture Meter

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Agratronix 01210 is an accurate, portable unit designed for testing the moisture of green and ensiled forages

9V battery required Grains Shelled Corn Soybeans Peas Wheat Hard Wheat Oats

Accurate within 1 for grain at normal stored moisture and 2 average for silage under 50 moisture 3 average for silage over 50 moisture

Agratronix 01210 Includes Replacement Plastic Bags 06801 Thermometer 6977 Log Cards DOCU-C0003

Features 01210 Silage Moisture Tester tests freshly chopped and ensiled silage within 1 minute Digital log reading with conversion chart for common silage types 100 plastic bags included to keep test cell clean

Using the grain tray provided, it also tests high and low moisture grains